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Grantaire for onearmedsexbobo !

Send chocolatine-with-a-pencil and I requests ヽ(*・ω・)ノ



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bee's awesome berlin giveaway (as advertised by all ur faves)

so you guys all know i’ve been in germany for the past week or so and i love you all so hey let’s have a giveaway! who’s excited? (me i’m excited) and you know what’s even more awesome? i’ve got 821 followers so let’s have a berlin giveaway for that milestone aww yiss (now i’m rly excited)


okay chaps let’s lay these down!

  • you have to be following me lol why would you i’m a nerd. it’s a follower giveaway. i’ll be checking too!
  • no giveaway blogs.
  • don’t unfollow me right away afterwards. it makes the kittens sad. :c
  • reblogs and likes count. reblog as many times as you like, but be considerate towards your own followers please!
  • giveaway ends august 1st at 11:59pm GMT.
  • open to all followers. will ship anywhere! (except into space that’s a bit expensive. but kudos to your internet company if you can get broadband up there dudes, dudettes and others)

a bundle consisting of:

  • a bottle of pieces of the berlin wall
  • lush bubblegum lip scrub (vegan + not tested on animals)
  • a miniature rubiks cube
  • Ampelmann pen
  • sweeties! (not sure whether these are vegan sorry)
  • a personal postcard from yr fave (me, obvs.)
  • my love
good luck!


Jehan can’t choose matching clothes to save their life, and they like it that way. (x)

Jean Prouvaire from Les Miserables

they kick and push pillows and blankets off the bed in summer and still end up too warm coz they can’t keep their hands off each other.


feuilly (might add some colour later????) 



Grantaire takes charge, naturally.

Makes sure Jehan, Courfeyrac, Musichetta, Marius, Joly, and Bossuet are armed with several guns and know how to use them. Gives Bahorel a lead pipe, keeps a fucking machete for himself (“we can’t waste bullets, boys”).

Combeferre and Joly become the most valuable, because they’re doctors. Cosette and Jehan make runs into cities to steal supplies because they’re the fastest and because Cosette’s fucking vicious with a knife. Never uses a gun if she can help it; she hacks the zombies to pieces. Marius is more than a little terrified of her.

Eponine teaches everyone else how to shoot. She and Enjolras team up a lot, because if they were to stay with their significant others they’d just totally lose their shit trying to keep them safe, and Combeferre and Grantaire are both very capable. Feuilly and Marius hunt; Bossuet is learning from Combeferre and Joly so that he can help if, God forbid, something happens to one of them. Musichetta tends to go off on her own and come back covered in blood and grinning because she’s a fucking hero; when the time comes she probably pulls a Michonne and drags one around behind her with its jaw ripped off.

but Grantaire

Grantaire is a fucking god in this world


he sets zombies on fire for fun

this is what he was made for

-no but when people get the characters down SO PERFECTLY -enjolras is the leader but not in this case; enjolras fights for his cause his patria but this is mindless violence; this is survival -and survival when everything seems bleak and hopeless is what grantaire does best; this isn’t the case of too many zombie films and joking p -plans for the end of the world; this is survival ingrained bone deep since he learned in this world you have to hit back -this is rage and destruction and no hope of things getting better; no knives hid behind pretty smiles; just blood that is brutal and honest -and envitable; this is a world where being a cynic is the only way to survive; because hope will kill you quicker than any zombie ever will -WHERE IS THE FIC PLEASE -i am wild -les mis -do you hear the people sing (via ragnarss)

hope will kill you quicker than any zombie ever will


The Drinker of Dreams
used this stock as ref

i havent posted art in kind of a while so like get ready for a flood

it’s another two months until my classes start again at uni and i am actually so excited now that i’m doing just maths and i’ve kicked chemistry. i’m actually going to go.